Do you wear your curls with complete confidence? It’s OK if you don’t yet. For every unique wave, curl and ringlet, it takes work and a lot of love to not only embrace your strands but take them to the next level. The problem? Not every woman has found the “it” routine for their curly coif and a community of support.

Our Maui Moisture Curl Squad has learned to accept and quench their curls through experience (and a whole lot of patience!). René Askew (@ownbyfemme) is a passport-toting curly girl who likes her coils how she likes her life—ready at a moment’s notice; Dayna Bolden (@daynabolden) is a mother of two who keeps her tight spirals in a short, stylish shape; Kennedy Johnson (@curlssforthegirlss) is a curl junkie who obsesses over hair both big and baby; and Charmaine Daudu (@charmsie) is a red-headed mama who loves to style her colored coif in a variety of ways. These four trusted natural hair influencers have turned their passion for embracing their curls into shared tips and tricks every curly girl can use.

Let them inspire you to embrace your curls with some things they’ve learned during their own personal curl journeys.


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