Black don’t crack. But not without a little help. Plenty of products have been passed down from generation to generation, and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Original Solid Jar is the one concrete staple. No need to break the bank buying a multitude of towelettes, tools, and tinctures. This vitamin E-infused formula with raw, natural cocoa butter we love locks in moisture, combats ashy skin and is a known multi-purpose beauty hack. But can you count the ways? Here’s how to work this skin-hydrating salve into your everyday routine. #4: Say Bye-Bye To Stretch Marks These streaks of self-love can sometimes be a pain. The raw natural cocoa butter helps to reduce the visibility of lines that cover your curves. For results, lather your scars with this skin-toning cream consistently. #9: Clean Off The Day Save your skin from harsh chemicals during your pre-bed beauty routine. Spread this natural vitamin E- infused formula with raw natural cocoa butter onto skin then wipe away to remove your makeup with ease. #13: Pucker Up Primer Crusty lips are not cute, sis! Protect your pout and glide on this softening balm, made up of vitamin-E, underneath your chosen rich, matte lip color

#15: Get Your Brows Right It can be a fuzzy struggle between appointments. We know. Tame those unruly up and outward ‘brow hairs with a bit of this using a toothbrush for definition.

#34: Cure Cracked Heels Treat your feet to some spa-style love and seal in skin-soothing moisture. Just lotion them and sleep in your socks for overnight hydration that leaves your hooves super smooth.

#41: Massage Oil Reach for this rich, aromatic, vitamin E infused formula with raw natural cocoa butter cream for a calming, at-home rub down. #93: A New Fragrance Who says you need to skip a meal to afford for your signature scent? Swap out your everyday $90 perfume to smell like a sweet confection or a natural, island-hopping queen!

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