Glow Recipe Has Juicy News
Photo: Courtesy of Glow Recipe

It’s hard keeping beauty secrets to myself. So, pat me on the back because I’ve successfully managed to keep Glow Recipe’s new lip balm under wraps until now.

Earlier this week, I got acquainted with the brand’s first makeup product and the newest addition to their watermelon skincare family: Watermelon Glow Lip Pop. The product is half makeup, half skincare, and everything your current lip balm isn’t.

Not only do amino acids and watermelon extract make this a hydrating moisturizer for your lips, but AHAs and coconut flower sugar makes it an awesome exfoliant. It goes from scrub to balm, but that’s not all.

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This hybrid lip treatment also gives you a pretty pink pout, so it’s technically a lip tint too.

What I love most about Watermelon Glow Lip Pop is that it keeps my lips moisturized for hours. And If you live in New York City, where it’s blistering cold, then you know that’s no easy feat.

The lip balm is infused with Coconut oil and jojoba esters that deliver long-lasting moisture. And later this month, you can see for yourself.

You can grab Watermelon Glow Lip Pop on January 31 for $22 when it hits Sephora.


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