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Glam Diary: This Sneaker Obsessed Beauty Writer Doesn't Believe in Having a Signature Beauty Look

Sometimes you come across an Instagram account or article that stops your dead in your tracks. Jascmeen Bush, a beauty and culture writer and entrepreneur, does both. Her writing — which is smart, funny and honest — has appeared on sites like Racked and Hypebae, and her Instagram is chock-full of her ever-changing beauty looks. In a male-dominated industry like streetwear, Jascmeen is creating a space for women to freely and openly express themselves with her digital platform (which includes a site and Instagram account), Colorwaye. It’s clear that Jascmeen refuses to abide by any rules, beauty or otherwise, which is why we love her. Keep reading to find out her approach to beauty and the advice she would give her younger self. You seem to love switching up your beauty look quite a bit. How would you describe your beauty philosophy?  “This is a hard one, I kind of have a beauty split personality. Sometimes I’m damn near Rupaul’s Drag Race with the contour, other times I’m trying to be as low-key as possible. I’d say I have two philosophies — work what you got and work what you got…in your makeup drawer.” Your hair always makes a statement, what are your must-have hair products? “I go through tons of Cantu Leave-In conditioner, as a pre-poo, detangler, and to smooth down buns that I don’t want super super slick. I still keep it OG with Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and Olive Oil ECO Styler Gel but if I like to get fancy shmancy I’ll use Devacurl from time to time. For edge control I like Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges. The little lipgloss sized edge controls are a must for touch-ups while you’re out and about.” When it comes to makeup, what can we find in your stash?  “As much as I hate adding extra steps to my beauty routine, my makeup never looks quite right if I don’t start with a primer and Smashbox’s Photo Finish Primer is my fav. I can swap foundations ’till the cows come home but I don’t play when it comes to concealer. Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer is my go-to for full glam and NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer is my everyday.” If you had to choose, Stunna Paint or Ruby Woo?  Ruby Woo, 100%. Okay, so skin care. Are you more of a 13-step kind of a lady or do you like to keep it minimal?  “Man oh man oh man, my skincare regimen has come a long way. I was lazy in my early twenties, over did it my late twenties, and now at 31 have finally realized that gentle products applied properly and consistently work best for my skin. The only intense product I use is a retinol cream from my dermatologist Dr. Susan Evans in Beverly Hills.Do you switch-up your beauty routine during the colder months?  “My skin is super dry year ‘round, so for added hydration I mix almond oil with whatever moisturizer I’m using at the time. It doesn’t make me breakout or irritate my super sensitive skin so I highly recommend it if you’re acne prone. If I wanna get all the benefits of almond oil in the form of a mask, I pick up blank paper masks from the Korean Beauty Supply and soak them in almond oil for a DIY sheet mask.” Self-care is something we take very seriously here at ESSENCE, and see as an essential part of looking and feeling your best. What are your go-to self-care practices? “I just need a few hours of alone time watching one of my favorite musicals Hello, Dolly! and doing my best Barbra Streisand impersonation dancing around my room. I also read somewhere that it’s a good idea to keep a childhood picture of yourself somewhere to boost your self esteem. Some of the things we tell ourselves we’d never say to our 8-year-old selves so having my third grade pic on my fridge is kind of my way of practicing a little self-care everyday.” Okay, so beauty icons. Do you have one?  “My mom is the ultimate beauty icon. She can pull off any look and she has fun with it!” What is one piece of beauty advice you would give your younger self? “I spent so much money on products to try to combat my acne and scarring, I tried every DIY I could get my hands on, and it was incredibly frustrating when I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I would definitely tell my younger self to chill on the sneakers and save up to see a dermatologist.”