Every day, dozens of beauty products hit our shelves and Instagram. But for many women, like Abena Boamah-Acheampong, sticking with tried and true beauty ingredients, think shea butter and olive oil, over the latest release is their rule of thumb. This kitchen beautician, turned her love of DIYing beauty products into a natural skin care brand Hanahana Beauty. Built on empowerment, the brand is committed to encouraging women of color to realize their beauty, both inside and out.
Abena’s skin care and hair routine are just as inspirational as her brand. Keep reading to find out what DIY concoctions she swears by for the colder months. It’s now officially freezing outside, what is your go-to protective hairstyle for the colder month?  “I love having my hair in braids and crochets.” Would you say these styles are your signature looks?  “Yes, for hair, I’m all about the curly shoulder puff  — shout-out to my hairdresser Joy Tsegha! For makeup, I would say my look is a pretty natural with a pop of gloss.” What products do you use to care for your hair while and after wearing a protective style?  “I’m more of a make it yourself type of girl. For detangling I’m all about using marshmallow root (thanks Akudo), boiled in water mixed with apple cider vinegar and avocado oil. This mixture really goes a long way, I’m talking keeping your braids in a week too long, detangle and no pain! For deep conditioning, I love doing an aloe vera oil mix and the ORS’ Olive Oil Replenishing Pak. Last but not least, I use Hanahana Beauty’s Shea Butter to keep my hair moisturized.” You’re clearly the shea butter queen, is that your go-to keep your skin moisturized during the winter? “Yes! I hate be ashy as much as I hate being cold! I make sure to take time to lather on shea butter even after using Hanahana Beauty’s exfoliating bar, so it’s double the moisture. Also drink water, you have to stay hydrated!” What’s your beauty mantra?  “Do whatever makes you feel beautiful and a little goes a long way from shea butter to highlighter!” And the best advice you’ve received ? “Love yourself and wear mascara, your eyes pop!” You’re glowing, what products do you use on your skin? “My daily skin care regiment is pretty basic. For body and lips I use the whole Hanahana Beauty line. For my face, I use jojoba oil and a light black soap wash before I go to bed. I try to do a mask once a week. One of my favorites during the winter, is a turmeric and honey mask. It’s a great way to exfoliate and hydrate while getting a sun kissed  glow. I’m not really a makeup girl, but if I do use it I like to keep it natural. I need some Glossier Lip Gloss, some type of mascara, and of course Glossier’s Boy Brow and Haloscope! If I wanna be a little, fancy I might throw in a little Cloud Paint!” Do you have any beauty icons or people that inspire you?  “I would say young black girls like my little cousin Penny, who are so confident in their natural beauty; and honestly Black women all around the world who do not allow, white washed beauty standards to curve their confidence! I feel like I had to unlearn a lot of things in my life to feel fully confident in my beauty. So to see young Black girls embody what it means to feel smooth and confident at an age that I suppressed my own is extremely beautiful.” 2017 has been a big year for self-care, how do you like to practice it? “My self-care practices involves a lot of dancing to Maleek Berry, palo santo and making shea butter. One of my favorite things to do is to dance in front of the mirror as my morning routine! I think having a morning routine is so special because even if I go to bed in a bad mood, I wake up knowing I have a message in the daily bread and I have 30 minutes carved out in my day to just dance and let loose! Last but not least obviously Black Girl In Om Self-Care Sundays.” What’s one piece of beauty advice you would give your younger self? “Girl you popping , your skin is popping and its okay you don’t know how to use makeup, I mean you smooth and confident!”


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