We’re starting off 2019 on the right foot – updated beauty routines, new self-care traditions, and revamped vanities. And getting rid of the signs of the times is also high on the list  – which means those pesky lines around our eyes. It doesn’t take much for our eyes to reflect our one too many late nights out and back-to-back parties. Therefore we’re revamping our vanities with these three eye treatments to keep us looking revived and alive. Keep scrolling to check out the three must- have products we’re using all year long! Pixi Beauty’s 24k Eye Elixir

Pixi Beauty

available at Pixi Beauty $22 BUY

There is no such thing as “looking tired” when using Pixi Beauty’s 24k Eye Elixir. This cooling, roll-on serum is heaven sent, and best used when combating lack of sleep. The sensitive eye area is very difficult to treat but Pixi Beauty made it ten times easier with the gentle roll-on application of all the collagen-peptide-raspberry goodness for this 24k eye elixir to live up to its name.

Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado


available at Kiehl's $48 BUY

Major key to looking revived and alive: hydration! Our bodies need it, our face needs it, and Kiehl’s knows our eyes need it. Their Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado provides us with all the hydration our delicate eyes need. Just as you use your daily moisturizer, use this eye cream just as frequent. After feeling the rich consistency and results of the eye cream, you’ll never forget to use it.

Olay Eyes Brightening Eye Cream for Dark Circles


available at Olay $33.49 BUY

First and foremost, let’s send some praise to Olay for creating an eye cream of this caliber. Too many of us suffer from dark circles under our eyes – which we usually depend on concealer to temporarily fix, but now we’ve been blessed with a permanent solution. Olay’s Brightening Eye Cream is perfect for sustaining a youthful look. Its cooling feel when applied to the under eye area is refreshing, and the instant results are worthwhile.

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