If this Valentine’s Day you find yourself single but not ready to mingle, you are not alone. Due to the pandemic, many of us had the time to sit and reflect on what it is that we really want in a relationship and what we won’t tolerate from a significant other. 

This Galentine’s Day (February 13), single ladies are taking a break from the norm and celebrating the people that remind us that we are phenomenal when we are feeling a little less than our best. 

It’s just our special way of saying, “You are that girl!” as we throw a little confetti in the air and clink our glasses to toast the friends who give us nothing but positive energy and keep us grounded when our head is in the clouds. 

The gift list that we curated is not only special but thoughtful to her needs. From just a simple yet chic satin hair cap to uber-luxe sunglasses, these are gifts to show nothing but love to our gal pals on Galentine’s Day.


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