Everything You Need To Know About Getting A Facial From A First-Timer
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For all of the added benefits of getting a facial, including promoting collagen production and exfoliating dead skin cells, it’s a luxury that many women either can’t afford or don’t have time to squeeze into their busy schedules. I, too, was one of those women.

While I understand the importance of #treatyoself and self-care, I never put any stock into getting a facial—until now. After enduring a harsh and lengthy New York city wintermy skin was left looking dull, irritated and dehydrated. I needed a little TLC. And I found it in the gentle hands of an esthetician at Shibui Spa at The Greenwich Hotel in the heart of Manhattan, where I received a purifying and detoxifying facial treatment called Nouvelle Fresh.

The Nouvelle Fresh facial combines a rejuvenating medley of bio-organic Patkya products to create the ultimate calming experience. As a first-timer, I had no idea what to expect or whether I’d even see results, but I risked the splurge anyway. And my clear, glowing face is grateful to this day that I did.

Upon arrival, I received a floral, kimono-style robe and soft flip-flops. Yes, to my surprise, getting this type of facial does require you to disrobe. Fortunately, the heated massage table I was asked to lie on kept me comfy underneath the disposable sheets. Before using any products, my esthetician, like most skincare gurus, started the treatment by inquiring about my skin concerns, like dryness or oily skin, as well as what skincare goals I wanted to achieve post-facial.

The consultation is the most important step: your esthetician needs to gauge what products to use to determine the proper course of action for your skin care needs. This is the time to let your facialist know about your diet, lifestyle, problem areas and whether it’s your first time receiving a facial treatment. Basically, anything that could affect your skin, including allergies, you should let the esthetician know beforehand. Other than dry skin, I didn’t have any particular needs to address, so my treatment was a gentle hydrating facial, but other treatments may include extractions that are far more intensive.

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My esthetician began with a self-indulgent cleansing ritual of my face and neck, where a non-invasive fruit acid mixture was used as an exfoliator to boost my skin’s elasticity and radiance. Patyka’s cornflower water gel cleanser was used, along with a rosehip cleansing oil, spearmint foaming gel and witch hazel water toning lotion. Probably one of my favorite parts of the experience was when the esthetician applied the smoothing and refining mask all over my face, including my eyes and mouth. The full-face peel-off mask was crafted with pure plant peptides and jojoba oil as the base ingredients. It’s the perfect formula for deep hydration since it repairs tired, dull skin.

You can see just how much I loved it in the photo above, which still shows remnants of the clay mask all over my face, even after the esthetician carefully removed the mask, wiped my face and applied moisturizer. 

Admittedly, I didn’t see any dramatic improvements right away in the tone and texture of my skin. It felt better and cleaner, but I’d be lying if I said I walked out of the spa with invisible pores and a pretty glow. However, with that being said, I understand the importance of regularly incorporating facials into a skincare regimen for deep cleansing and proper hydration.

It wasn’t until a few days later that I actually saw results. Not only did I have fewer breakouts, but as I strolled into my office, in full glow-up mode, a few of my colleagues asked what makeup I was wearing or what I had done differently. To which I replied, “This Black Girl Magic is all natural, but getting a facial definitely helped to bring it out even more.”

If you’re interested in protecting your melanin and can’t head over to Shibui Spa in New York City, Patyka products are available for purchase here

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