Is The Fenty Skin Butta Drop Body Cream Worth It? I Found Out For Myself
Porsche Harwell

It doesn’t matter if it’s the dead of the winter or 97 degrees out, being moisturized is a top priority for me. In the house, working out, going to the grocery store—soft skin is a must wherever I go. However, since the beginning of the pandemic I’ve been struggling trying to find a formula that’s hyrdrating enough to nourish every crack and crevice of the skin. With the world opening back up, I was in desperate need of a body moisturizer that would last all-day regardless of temperature, penetrating my skin and not leaving me greasy. Fenty Skin, being the beauty saviors they are, heard my plea, and announced the Butta Drop Whipped Oil Body Cream right in time for summer.

Now I’ll be honest, when Rihanna and her team first announced that they were launching a skincare line, I had no idea what to expect. Nor did I think it would expand to products beyond the face. Yet, here we are. From the minute I first laid eyes on the jar, I knew it was going to be a quality product. For one, in true Fenty fashion, the packaging is gorgeous—it boasts a beautiful lavender hue and comes in a sleek cylindrical-esque dish. To add, it contains a healthy amount of product (6.7 fl oz. to be exact), proving that Ri is never stingy when it comes to giving her fans what they want and need —except for that album, however. But back to the topic at hand: As soon as you unscrew the top you smell a blend of tropical fruits. And while the aroma is extremely present, it’s not overwhelming—which is important to someone like me who still likes to apply a bit of perfume after moisturizing. The last thing I wanted to do was overwhelm my senses and luckily, this didn’t do that at all.

But then came the true test: applying it straight out of the shower. Would the cream absorb into my skin or would I once again be dry and dehydrated in a matter of minutes? I stepped out, dried off a little and used quite a generous amount all over my body. Now it’s worth nothing that a little goes a long way, something I love because there’s nothing worse than using half the product just to lotion yourself once or twice. I immediately noticed how soft my skin felt. It wasn’t that surface-level soft that easily fades away in hours. Instead, I could actually feel and see that my skin was tremendously more hydrated from the inside-out. After a few hours with no dryness in sight, I knew that Butta Drop was the emollient I’d been longing for. The next few days the cream continued to prove itself. Through three weather changes, two planes, two Ubers and three outfit changes, I can attest to its durability.

When I took a look at the ingredients, it all made sense. It contains about 25% of rich butters and oils such as kalahari melon, baobab, and sunflower oil. The sunflower oil mixed with the glycerin explains why the naked skin retains so much moisture once the product is applied. Described as “deliciously whipped,” Fenty Skin did a phenomenal job of making you feel like the product is sweet and soft enough to eat. Built on a non-stick formula, the vitamin-C helps restore the dullness to the skin and the seven oils infused like sorrel, baobab, sunflower, rice bran, coconut and jojoba, help create a glow on the skin that is impossible to dim—even in the deepest, coldest temperature change.

It’s also worth highlighting how earth-conscious the packaging is. On top of being clean, vegan and gluten-free, the outer sleeve is 100% recyclable; and given how stylish the jar is, you can easily re-purpose the jar to hold cotton pads or earrings. I myself am aiming for it to be featured on my vanity as a decorative piece—it’ll probably hold my rings. When creating the product, Fenty Skin spoke on the body butter being a moment of pampering, and creating luxurious experiences at home are a must for me—especially since quarantine. With the richness of the product you feel like you’re just leaving the spa, which is why I say: Don’t sleep on this.  If you’ve learned anything from my daily routine, know that I detest dry skin, but this Butta Drop Whipped Oil Cream truly is butta – thick, smooth and creamy to touch.


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