These Fenty Beauty By Rihanna Tutorials Will Get You The Best New Year’s Eve Look
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When Rihanna and her team drop a tutorial on how to get a face like the singer and beauty mogul, the world watches at full attention. So when she began doing Tutorial Tuesdays on her Fenty Beauty by Rihanna YouTube channel, we all tuned in, ready to execute what we learned.

But it wasn’t just the videos by RiRi that were a gold mine for tips on doing beautiful makeup and everyday looks. For beauty novices there were informative videos on getting the best brows for beginners. There were swatch tests and tutorials for going back to the basics. And for beauty lovers who have a handle on application, there were intros to new products and inspirational makeup looks for various occasions.

Our top five Fenty Beauty videos this year are a mix of all of the aforementioned. When you bring them all together, they offer a bevy of useful information that will come in handy when doing makeup for New Year’s Eve. And if you’re not even sure what to do with your face for the ball-dropping event, they’ve got you covered with a look you can copy from start to finish with ease. Whether you’re using Fenty Beauty products or digging into a plethora of brands, the videos will guide you to an impeccable beat.

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Two weeks ago Rihanna gave fans a glimpse into how she gets her full covetable brows together. In less than five minutes she both promoted her Brow MVP pencil and styler and did a quick brow that complements dramatic eye makeup and everyday looks. It’s true that if everything else is amazing but your brows are bad, it throws off your entire look. She speaks to the viewer like an old friend and makes you feel like she does her own makeup even when you know that it’s not likely, ever.

Fenty Beauty ambassador Amandla Stenberg gives us the feels every time she hits a red-carpet event so to see the inner workings of how she applies her own makeup was fun. In this video she was animated, she was funny, she was like your best friend next door. She was also really thorough and showed us a few things for a New Year’s Eve look that’s simple and pretty.

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Global makeup artist Hector Espinal taught us that bronzer is for every skin tone, even the deepest. He also gave us the 101 on how to apply it like a pro to get that glow just right.

So many people don’t truly understand how wondrous concealer can be when it’s used properly. This video was a guide on how to get your entire face together using only concealer. It contours, it reverse contours, it highlights. If you don’t have a ton of products in your beauty toolkit, this will help you make use of the few that you own. It works on all complexions, from the lightest to the darkest.

Beauty guru Jackie Aina took a moment from her own channel to show us how the different shades of Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte lipsticks pop on melanin-rich skin. In her usual silly and upbeat Jackie way she took us through a fun ten minutes of discovery. It’s useful in narrowing down what shades can work for you and discovering the different ways you can experiment with them for variety.


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