Fenty Beauty Has Raked Up $72 Million in EMV in Just One Month, All Hail Queen Rihanna
David M. Benett/

Remember when Black Twitter predicted that Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty would take all of our coins? 

Well that’s exactly what happened! 

In a little over a month, the brand has not only turned the beauty industry on its head but it has also earned a whopping $72 million in earned media value. Yes, you read that right!

According to WWD, the brand earned the third spot for September beating out other major brands like NYX, Benefit and Urban Decay.

This means that Fenty Beauty was the biggest brand on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter during its first month. While it’s easy to get confused, EMV is not the same as sales (the brand has yet to release officical sales numbers) but is the value of the media earned, or said another way what it would cost if one was to have paid for the exposure. 

The boundary breaking beauty brand also dominated YouTube. According to a press release from the video streaming platform, people watched Fenty Beauty related videos more than 132 million times — Jackie AinaPatrica Bright, and Nyma Tang are a few of the best tutorials for Black women

Fenty Beauty’s groundbreaking success proves that:

1. there’s absolutely nothing that Bad Girl Rih can’t do. 

2. Diversity and inclusion matter. A lot!

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