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Felicia Walker Shares The Products In Her 3-Step Skin Care Routine

During ESSENCE Festival's 2020 Virtual Beauty Carnival, Walker shared tips on how to create a skin care regimen you can feel good about.

Although dealing with dark spots, uneven texture and clogged pores can be stressful, beauty and skin care expert, Felica Walker says, “skin care can be self-care.”

Walker, who gives herself an at-home facial every Friday at 4 PM on Instagram live, says the key to making your skin care routine less complicated is to keep it simple.  

“It doesn’t need to be complicated; it just needs to be targeted,” said Walker during a segment at ESSENCE Festival’s 2020 Virtual Beauty Carnival.

“Having a targeted skin care routine doesn’t mean that the routine is going to be complicated. It just means you’re building it out to address your specific needs.”

Walker went on to reveal the three products that give her bouncy dewy skin, an even complexion and a boost of radiance in under ten minutes.

To see just how easy Walker’s regimen is, and how simple self-care can be, take a look at the video below.


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