We often talk about beauty routines and makeup being the bright spot in these otherwise dark days of the pandemic. For some women (and men), it’s the only way to feel like they have some control in an uncontrollable situation. Putting on a face and doing one’s hair has become therapy, entertainment and skills training these days.

And our ESSENCE teammates have enjoyed their share of getting glammed up—even if it’s to be together apart.

Some staffers have upped the ante on their skin care, while others have played extensively with their palettes. And for the bold, quarantine has been the time for a dramatic change by way of big chops, texture transitions and fun hair colors.

For a few, paring it down from their usual elaborate looks has been their biggest transformation. And still, each woman is bringing that Black Girl Magic in her own special way.

Check out how some of ESSENCE’s empowered women are doing beauty during quarantine.

All photos courtesy of ESSENCE staff.

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