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Ear Make-Up Is Actually A Thing, What do you Think?

Ear makeup is the newest trend and it actually looks good.
Ear Make-Up Is Actually A Thing, What do you Think?
Art by Virginia Lowman

There appears to be a new makeup trend every week, and while it may be hard to keep up with the best highlighting techniques, colors, or lashes, the canvas has mostly been the face.

Well, now we are seeing a look that brings the ears into play. Ear makeup may not be entirely new but makeup artist, Violette  is making it trendy with her metallic versions on Instagram.

Why is this gaining traction? Probably because it’s got glitter — and glitter is always fun. Infuse some metallic colors and you have a firestorm of interest from makeup and color lovers that want to jazz up the earlobe besides just adding piercings.

From silver to gold to funky shades of blue this added take on individuality is artistic and fun while adding an innovative way to spruce up your earrings. It’s also an easier way to jazz up a look without taking much effort or requiring any permanent color changes.

Whether you dip your lobe in gold or accentuate the entire ear in silver, the choice is up to the wearer and honesty, you cannot go wrong in how you rock the look.

Will you be partaking in the ear makeup craze?