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[MUSIC] All right. So my the hair obsession is Form Beauty. It's hair Hair care and styling personalized to your needs. Basically you go online for a consultation and Form will pull together a customized combination of any of their ten amazing products. It's perfect for holiday styling whether you're rocking a Dove twist out Form Beauty blow out and the best part, Forms offering essence users 10% off their first purchase and free shipping. Go to FORMBEAUTY. COM/ESSENCE or enter promo code essence at checkout amazing. Okay so this soap company was founded in 1887 so you know they know what they're doing when it comes to soap. I've been a customer for years. Their soaps are really high quality. And how freaking pretty are they? They look like macaroons! They're great to travel with if you're going somewhere for the holidays, or they just make the perfect gift. Now you might think that this is just a cute bracelet. Turns out it's also a Flask, yep this black own company is known for jewelry, but they've just come out literally the coolest flask we've ever seen. Again, what a [UNKNOWN] gift so, these are some of my coolest holiday [UNKNOWN] check back next week for some more [UNKNOWN] stuff on my desk [MUSIC].

Dope Stuff On My Desk: Customized Haircare That Will Transform Your Tresses And More Amazing Finds


We’re back with a new round of “Dope Stuff” videos and kicking it off with one of my favorite haircare finds of the year.

Form Beauty is a super unique company offering consumers a bespoke line of products that will take your hair from “eh” to “amazing!” By answering a list of questions on their website, Form will suggest a collection of products that are perfect for your texture and hair type. So simple and extremely effective. And if that’s not dope enough, the company is extending ESSENCE readers a 10% discount your first purchase and free shipping. Let us know what you think of the product once you’ve tried it!

Next up? Claus Porto’s beautiful soap collection! I’m always looking for useful yet beautiful gifts and these are just that. The Portugal based brand, which was founded 130 years ago, are the masters of making stunning soaps. I love this box for it’s array of colors. Doesn’t it look like a box of yummy macarons?

Last but not least, there was no way this clever bangle wasn’t going to be featured on “Dope Stuff!” Not only is it a super cool accessory…but it’s also a FLASK! Seriously. This Erin Anderson bracelet is a must-have for all your girlfriends that are super stylish and like to stay”hydrated!”

Check out the video above for a look at all these goodies!