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Cuteness Alert: 15 Daddy-Daughter Hair Moments That Will Melt Your Heart

To all the dads out here slaying styles and laying edges, we salute you.
These Daddy-Daughter IG Hair Moments Make Every Day Father’s Day

Earlier this week, Offset warmed our hearts when Cardi B posted a video of him laying baby Kulture’s edges (with the tried-and-true toothbrush nonetheless). Photos and videos of dads with their daughters will always have us gushing and melting in our wombs. But these daddies have taken the cuteness levels to an all-time high with these Instagram posts of them taking over the hair care duties for their baby girls.

Some came with the skills, using rattail combs to make intricate parts, slinging beads and barrettes with professional flair, laying edges with the proper tools, even using finger parting methods, and getting deep into Bantu knots and styles that take real hair dexterity. Some are still learning but figuring it out.

Gary Williams Jr. said in his post, “One of the many things I cherish about being a dad are moments like this. When I found out we were having a girl I told @dinthelife I want to be able to do her hair too. By no means am I as good as mama, but I’m working on it & even if it isn’t perfect in the end that time I get with her is priceless and precious. One thing I do know is the ponytail might be jacked, but them edges must be laid.”

Amen Gary, Amen.

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Father’s love to be needed, and little girls love to be doted on by their fathers. And these are moments that will shape these little ones as they enter their teenage years, and even as they become women. Who better to teach a young Black girl to love her natural curls than her dear ol’ dad?

Doing anyone’s hair can be a challenge, and little girls can be pretty vocal about what they do and don’t like when it comes to theirs. So it’s adorable to see these dads take on the task, no matter how daunting to some of them. A girl’s got to have her hair done no matter what. Glad to see these dads understand.

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