In just a few years, healing crystals like rose quartz and amethyst, have gone from fringe to mainstream. These prehistoric formations are said to cure anything: from having a bad day to helping you maintain motivation and focus throughout the day. They’re a go-to for the wellness community.

Though, the abundance of crystal-infused beauty products and gemstone waterbottles on the market is both fascinating and maybe even a little alarming. While it’s easy to get swept up in any trend falling under the self-care umbrella, we have to slow down and consider whether the crystals we’re touting around in our bras are actually doing anything.

Crystals are naturally occurring formations born, literally, from the Earth. Air, fire and water work together to create the right environments and conditions for these glistening specimens to grow. While some crystals are formed in dark caves others, such as quartz are formed close to the Earth’s surface.

Like most practices that bear the “wellness” label (think yoga and meditation) harnessing the power of these pre-historic gemstones is nothing new. Bri Luna, gem specialist and founder of the wildly popular The Hoodwitch, explained to ESSENCE, “Many advanced ancient civilizations (i.e Egypt, Mesopotamia, India) have worked with crystals, minerals, and precious stones both for their aesthetic qualities and their magical/medicinal healing properties.”

Luna does acknowledge, however, that while crystals have been around for millennia they’re having a very big moment in pop culture. “As our society begins to move further away from patriarchal, dogmatic and suppressive religious ways of viewing spirituality it leaves room for individuals to find meaningful ways connecting to Earth and spirit. Websites like mine [] are offering people that freedom to explore new ways of thinking.” 

She acknowledges social media’s role too. “The Internet and certainly social media platforms play a major role in this renewed interest. So many people, especially POC are realizing how important it is for us to reconnect our mind, body and spirit, and to find balance through these difficult times,” Luna says. Crystal healing included. 

While each crystal is believed to have different capabilities (a.k.a. energy) to help with a variety of things like healing, opening up the heart, or manifesting wealth and success, what they are not is a quick-fix to solving life’s problems.

“I don’t want people thinking I’m going to get a crystal and now my whole life will be better by tomorrow,” Bri says. “You still have to do the work in your day-to-day life. If you’re using citrine to manifest financial abundance, don’t sit on the couch watching T.V. just holding a stone. Co-create with the universe!”

The power, real or otherwise, of these stones, resides in their ability to encourage us and to be fully present and self-aware in our lives. It’s just the right spark that may help us ignite change. Turning to these sentient objects can “serve as a reflection and extension of our own divinity, beauty, and power but certainly not as a crutch,” Bri says 

If you’re neither sure or convinced of crystals, Luna suggests heading to your local crystal shop to feel their power for yourself. “The best way to learn about crystals is to try holding them in your hands and asking yourself how they each make you feel. Notice which colors that you’re the most drawn to. This will help you see [what messages] your body and the universe are sending to you.”

Slowing down to actually stop and feel what your body responds to, is the true power of crystals. As Luna says, “Perhaps this isn’t a trend, and maybe just an awakening to stay grounded in these times of technological advancement that remove us further and further from nature.”

Keep scrolling to read Bri Luna’s breakdown of three popular stones. 

1. Rose Quartz: “These stones are a soft pink color. They are used for unconditional love, to heal and open the heart, calm and release unexpressed emotions.  

“Rose Quartz has the ability to teach one how to love one’s self, encourages forgiveness and acceptance.”

2. Citrine: “Citrine is a stone of abundance. It’s said to help manifest wealth, success, happiness and prosperity. It’s a happy, generous stone, that allows us to share with others as well as enjoy what you have. 

“This is an excellent stone for overcoming depression. It helps to verbalize thoughts and ideas, and helps to balance emotions. Citrine is great for balance.”

3. Amethyst: “These stones are used for increasing intuition, calming the nervous system and supporting sobriety from alcohol. Amethyst is also a powerful and protective stone. 

“It guards against bad energy, it’s also a natural tranquilizer that relieves stress and strain. Amethyst also helps to soothe irritability and anxiety.”

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