The Viral Beauty Trends That Left Us Saying ‘Huh?!’ In 2016
In the pursuit of beauty, some people go to extreme measures and lengths to find the perfect treatment. Whether they want glowing skin, plump lips, or the ultimate spa experience; you’d be surprised at the things people are willing to try. Here is a look at some of the wildest (and downright frightening) things people have done in the name of beauty this year. Mexican Scorpion Manicures
This wild trend that took off in Mexico placed real (but dead) Scorpions on the nail, then used acrylic to paint over them, and dried them with UV lights. Ear Makeup
Going a step beyond eclectic, this was a trend on the runway, as many designers used metallic textures and bold colors on the ears of the models, often accentuating the makeup with large earrings. The Vampire Facial   This beauty trend, also known as microneedling, uses needles full of the patient’s own blood. Meant to stimulate collagen and elastin fibers in the face, its major benefit is leaving you with smooth, firm skin. Using Nipple Cream on Your Lips

In the quest for plump and moisturized lips, some people have resorted to using nipple cream. A favorite among breastfeeding mothers, some have began to use Lansinoh (above) to hydrate and perk up their lips. Bee Sting Facials

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This treatment actually allows bees to sting our face, with the thought that the bee venom reduces inflammation and skin scarring. We’ll stick to our honey masks…thank you. Face Massage With Cow Urine

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Another trend using animal excretions, this beauty trend swears that the cow urine will give your face a glow unachievable by any other method. Bull Semen for Hair Growth

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Said to strengthen the hair shaft and to give mage protein boosts to deprived hair, some stylists are offering these to customers instead of keratin treatments. Snake Massage

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Using snakes that weigh hundreds of pounds, this technique is taking over the spa world. Said to ease muscles and knots in a way that no human hand could, they tape the snakes mouths shut and let them slither all around your body, with their movements massaging out the kinks. Carbon Dioxide Injections

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Injected under the eye to banish dark circles, this treatment swears not to be a secret ploy to kill you by only using small, medical grade doses of the otherwise highly toxic gas.


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