CoverGirl’s Done it Again: Another Woman of Color Has Been Crowned
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CoverGirl has been very busy lately! Over the last few months, the makeup giant has aggressively expanded the CoverGirl family to include several women of color including Issa Rae and Ayesha Curry.

The latest to join the ranks? Dominican fitness guru Massy Arias

In case you’re not familiar Manko Fit, as she’s known by many of her followers, is a personal trainer infamous for her grueling workouts, washboard abs and fitness guides. But what most of Massy’s 2.3 million followers have come to love about her (other than her incredibly adorable daughter) is the vulnerability and honesty she shares about her life’s journey. 

“I remember watching America’s next top model growing up as a young girl. Dreaming of a chance to experience for just one minute what it’d be like to take pictures with pretty makeup and pretend I was a model… A Covergirl,” the new mom shares via Instagram. “It’s extremely humbling now to be in a position where I can possibly inspire young girls and women around the world.”

And CoverGirl is equally excited, “Your beauty, drive, and determination are major #GOALS! We are so excited to welcome you (and your baby girl) to our #COVERGIRL family, beautiful!”

We can’t wait to see what amazing things this partnership has in store. A sweatproof makeup line perhaps?

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