We’d be lying if we said we’ve never been tempted to click on the insentient weight loss tea ads found on our social media timelines. Whether it’s losing those last five pounds for vacay, or that stubborn baby weight that just won’t seem to budge—who doesn’t want a quick fix?

Newly-minted CoverGirl Massy Arias is not here for it! The mom and fitness guru wants women to know that when it comes to fitness there are no shortcuts; and that includes weight loss teas.

This week, Massy posted a fitness progress bathroom picture to her Instagram account, as she often does. Sharing her jaw-dropping transformation, she wrote, “8 months later and 30lb difference. Who is ready for this #ma30day challenge starting Dec 1st?” While she goes on to explain exactly how she dropped the baby weight by eating well, working out and breastfeeding, commenters still probed about her thoughts on weight loss teas.  

While most influencers and social media stars might hold back, Massy was quick to let us know that she is not a fan of the teas. “Flat tummy tea is a laxative with stimulants. Drink tons of water, eat whole grains so the fiber helps digest, limit sodium and if you even want to lose water weight with water and an actual tea you can get over the counter with dandelion root I’m doing Lipton tea currently,” she shared in the comments of her picture. 

Well, if we ever needed a reason to jumpstart or our healthy and balanced diet and fitness routine Massy’s response (and abs!) is it. 


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