If content is king, Ciara Anderson is queen!

The God-fearing curly girl balances a jam-packed schedule filled with hair tutorials, fashion shoots and a full-time day job. It’s no wonder she demands skin that stays camera-ready around-the-clock. “With me being an associate news producer and a content creator, my work life never stops,” Anderson says. “Not on weekends or even after my 8-hour shifts.”

The secret to Anderson’s everyday silky soft skin is Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion’s rich, shea butter and oat oil formula—the perfect match for this Instagram star’s naturalista lifestyle. She also maintains a consistent self-care ritual to keep her aura radiant and positive. “When I use lotion, it helps me feel more confident and makes my skin look and feel better,” she says of her daily skin-hydrating routine.

From the producer’s desk to YouTube-worthy shoots, follow this curly girl’s rejuvenating ritual throughout her day.

3:30 AM: I wake up for work and do my daily bible study. Reading a daily devotional first thing in the morning always helps me take my mind off of my busy schedule and just relax. I also like to write down positive affirmations throughout the day, so I’ll start that list around this time.

4:00 AM: After I shower, I apply Aveeno Skin Relief to my entire body. I love that it nourishes and doesn’t irritate my skin. After getting my body ready, I start checking emails and prepping Instagram posts and pack the essentials—my camera, several outfits, shoes, accessories and makeup—for content creation shoots after work.

5:00 AM: I arrive at my day job to prepare the midday news at Channel 8 in Dallas, WFAA, an ABC affiliate station. It’s important for me to look and feel my best as I connect and communicate with people all day. Being a news producer really aligns with my purpose in life, helping me become a better writer and storyteller. Overall, that just makes me feel incredible.

1:00 PM: I start preparing for the day’s photo or video shoot for my channel and Instagram. I put together looks and scout for nice locations to shoot. I also search the internet for inspiration, like how to pose. Plus my sister and friend are always down to help take pictures of me!

5:30 PM: After my shoot, for about an hour, I get around to editing content and sending to brands for approval. I love the freedom of being able to be creative and make my own schedule. If  I’m exhausted or stressed I can always change the date, so it takes a lot of pressure off of me. The productivity that comes with balancing a full-time job and being an entrepreneur is so exciting. I love working super hard and getting everything done in a timely manner.

6:30 PM: I usually squeeze in time to run errands. I also straighten up around the house and eat dinner, which is typically taco salad with avocado, chicken, black beans and corn. I’m partially vegetarian throughout the week because I honestly feel like it gives me more energy and it’s easier to cook when I’m busy. I don’t always follow a strict diet though. I just try to make sure I’m feeding myself healthy food for energy and nutrition, so it is a part of self-care for me.

8:30 PM: Balancing a day job and my own business can get hectic, so taking a break out of my day to do things I enjoy like watching a Netflix movie, spending quality time with my family or friends or just enjoying some dessert alone always helps keeps me positive. It allows me to have downtime and just appreciate all of the things going on in my life, instead of focusing on work-related stuff.

9:30 PM: Finally, I can wind down! A bubble bath is usually on the agenda so I can relax after a long day. Disconnecting gives me a chance to just spend time with myself and relax my mind so I’ll be ready for the next day. Then, I re-apply Aveeno Skin Relief lotion to help soothe my spirit and end my day on the right note.

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