Carol’s Daughter Founder Lisa Price Learned This Stinky Feet Hack From Prince
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Lisa Price birthed a multi-million dollar beauty empire from her kitchen and worked on The Cosby Show, but she still refrains from calling herself an icon. On this recent episode of ESSENCE’s The Color Files podcast, we run the Brooklyn native’s receipts to remind the world just how iconic she is.

Only someone with her distinction could host a party at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History & Culture, launch a fragrance with Mary J. Blige, and befriend Lena Waithe in an airport. Price is a legend and then some, and on this episode, we get to know her better.

She opens up about her big breaks, being a mom, and her love of fragrance which is evident in every delicious Carol’s Daughter product. “For me, fragrance is sometimes more important than the clothes I’m wearing,” said Price.

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“I remember being a little kid and loving my grandmother’s Chanel No.5. I remember loving the scent of roses. She had rosebushes in her back yard, and I remember shoving my nose as far into the rose as I possibly could and hearing Nana say, ‘Be careful. There are thorns on those.’ But I didn’t even think about the thorns. I just wanted the petals to just cover my whole face.” Price shared that fragrances also help cover up stinky feet, which is a beauty hack she learned from Prince.

“That’s my guy. And I read that he kept fragrances on his bureau, and he would put different scents on different parts of his body,” said Price. “And Chanel No.5 in the boots so that when he was entertaining and removed the boots, [he] would never have stinky feet.”

To hear more from our candid conversation with Lisa Price, take a listen to The Color Files!


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