Ready for ESSENCE Fest? These Are the Budget-Friendly Sweatproof Beauty Products You Shouldn't Forget 

Siraad Dirshe Jun, 27, 2018

ESSENCE Festival is a week away and that means it’s time to finalize our packing list. The one thing we don’t want you to forget is sweatproof beauty essentials. You know, those beauty products that keep you looking calm, cool and collected in the Nola heat. We’ve rounded-up several budget-friendly products you shouldn’t forget at home this year! 

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This gel stands up to the even the worst humidity and sweat. So it will certainly get you and your curls through ESSENCE Fest.

available at Walmart $6.02 Buy

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Keeping edges laid is a must during a day full of events, and this paste does just that.

available at Walmart $7.94 Buy

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The best way to beat Nola heat? This pocket-sized fine mist.

available at Walmart $10.01 Buy

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The best way to avoid raccoon eyes throughout the day is to opt for waterproof mascara instead of regular.

available at Walmart $6.94 Buy

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Before heading out for the day, use a setting spray to keep things in place from AM to PM.

available at Walmart $8.97 Buy

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Who wants to wear a sticky gloss during 90+ degree heat? Instead, opt for a matte that stays in place all day.

available at Walmart $7.94 Buy

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Primer is the golden makeup key to beating the extreme heat. Put it one before makeup to ensure makeup stays put.

available at Walmart $13.97 Buy

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If creating attention-grabbing eye looks is your forte make sure to double up on eye primer like this one.

available at Walmart $4.68 Buy


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# Beauty