This Black Model is Changing the Face of the Beauty Industry
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Herieth Paul is the newest brand ambassador for beauty giant, Maybelline.

Spending years on the international runway circuit, the Tanzania-born, 20-year-old stunner with short-natural haired, is using her power from within to change the face of the modeling industry. She shares with HuffPost how this will transform.

“Women of color are already empowered from within themselves. I plan to use my platform as a Maybelline spokeswoman to set a good example,” Paul said.

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Openly fighting the stigma of a one-faceted beauty, Paul has decided to rock her tresses natural and short, which made a huge difference in her life. “Cutting my hair short was not my idea at first. But the very first second I cut it I fell in love with my hair. It’s what sets me apart from other models. Back when I started modeling it was rare to see models of color with their natural hair. But now it’s not so rare.”

Add all of that to her love of beauty sleep and the belief that beauty starts from within, and you see why we love her so much.