These Are The Most Bizarre Beauty Trends of 2017 So Far

Beauty has no rules and while we love that people are breaking away from the confines of “traditional” standards, there are a few trends out there that seem to push the envelope to the extreme. Keep scrolling to see the ones that have already left us scratching our heads in 2017. 

Samantha Callender May, 31, 2017

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Silly Putty Highlighter

This trend involves adding shimmering pigments to silly putty, thus creating a highlighter. The texture of the putty apparently allows for easier application.

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Brow Stamper

This tool comes with preloaded and molded pomade, ensuring you can literally stamp on your brows- no stencil or pencil required.

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Bra Insert as a beautyblender

Apparently, bra inserts are great for makeup application because of the soft and silky silicone.

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Ear Makeup

Forget jewelry- this trend involves using makeup as the accessory. Using metallic pigment, this trend covers the earlobe in color to make them pop.

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Eyebrow Wigs

Taking lacefronts to a whole new level, this trend involves layering faux strands over real brows, eliminating the need to thread or tweeze.

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Feather Brows

This trend involves strategically brushing and laying hairs to resemble bird feathers. It's especially popular among those with thick brows.

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Using a Vibrator as a beautyblender

Because regular beautyblenders simply aren’t enough, some bloggers have resorted to using vibrators in their place. Apparently the vibrating motion when applying foundation help to better massage it into the skin.

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Geode Lips

Making your lips look like rocks is a trend that is catching on. It involves using a metallic lipstick liner, and filling in the inner lips with glitter or crystals to mimic geodes, like amethyst.

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Toothpaste for Chapped Lips

Sometimes, lip balm simply isn’t enough. Today, bloggers are using toothpaste to their lips soft and supple.

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Using Dental Floss to Remove Blackheads

As the obsession with popping pimples and removing blackheads continues, people are now captivating audiences by using dental floss as a method of removal.

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Using Hardboiled Eggs as beautyblenders

Beauty bloggers have really been thinking outside of the box with application methods. This year, the trend involves using hard boiled eggs to do an entire look.

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Lollipop Lipstick

This trend can be done in a couple different ways. One way involves smearing lipstick around the cupid’s bow and bottom lip, and another way includes taking an actual lollipop and smearing it around the lips, before applying lipstick

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Using Wasabi as a Lip Plumper

The quest for plump, juicy lips continues as women are rejecting injections and opting for a chemical-free plumper. This trend takes wasabi, rubs it on the lips and then rinses to (supposedly) reveal fuller looking lips. Proceed with caution. 

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