The new subscription-based service Billie is here to support women beyond making them look good. The women-first company not only creates great products but also gives back. Best of all, the products are also free of the “pink tax”.

What exactly is a “pink tax”? 

It’s the (bad) business practice of marking-up products marketed towards women, even when they’re exactly the same as their male counterparts. Razors are a prime example. Women’s razors are usually $2 – $3 more than a men’s razor.  

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Because women like blue too. 💙

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Billie offers reasonably priced premium body products in a monthly subscription and also donates 1% of all revenue to women’s causes, including maternal support group Every Mother Counts.

Billie allows users to choose from a monthly, bi-monthly or tri-monthly delivery option. Another perk of signing up for your beauty essentials with this brand is that they offer a “Pink Tax Rebate”, meaning they reimburse members on the funds they’ve overspent from buying marked-up products targeted toward women.

To learn more about Billie brand and to sign up for service, check them out here.