Working out consistently, and we mean more than just the walk to the subway or car, is a challenge —  at least for most of us. And the fact that our breakouts seem to increase when we work up a sweat, makes it that much harder to attend that weekly spin class. 

However we’re (finally!) done with the excuses, and are committed to creating and sticking with a regular workout routine; Teyana Taylor abs here we come.

To help us keep our breakouts at bay during this newly implemented exercise routine, we spoke with dermatologist Dr. Carlos Charles of Derma di Colore about what causes workout indued acne, and the very active Ally Love, host of the Brooklyn Nets and founder of the Love Squad, about her strategy for avoiding breakouts in between instructing spin classes at Peloton Cycle.

“Working out in and of itself does not cause acne. In fact, working out and exercising in general can be great for the skin,” says Dr. Charles. “However if you are working out and not following some simple guidelines, you may potentially exacerbate acne breakouts,” he says. 

One of the best things you can do to prevent breakouts is to “be sure to shower after your workout to remove bacteria that can contribute to acne. Also use clean workout clothing with each session and stick to workout gear made from natural fabrics, as some synthetics can irritate and exacerbate acne,” the doctor suggests. 

 And if you still find yourself breaking out (remember: exercise-related acne is oftentimes more limited to the back and shoulders), Dr. Charles suggest using a gentle acne foaming wash that contains benzoyl peroxide like Humane’s face and body wash

Keep reading for Ally’s very practical skin care advice. 

1. Remove Your Makeup Before You Workout 

“If you habitually workout with tons of makeup on, your skin takes a hit. It can become irritated and that visibly show up in different ways, such as breakouts, dryness, discoloration. 

It’s not the end of the world if you wear a bit of makeup but make sure that it’s a brand that really cares about ingredients and, if you can, just give your face a gentle wipe before you hit the gym.”

2. Invest in Great Skin Care Products…

“I use quality products! And this doesn’t mean you have to run out to purchases the most expensive products but you should seek out products that work well with your skin type, and specially your skin because we are all so different.”

3. …and Build a Solid Routine 

“In the AM, I wash with warm water and then I use toner, my favorite is vitamin C toners because it really removes dead skin and gives my skin a glow. In the evening I do the same routine, however I add eye serum and over-night hydration oil. At least two times per week, I do a peel or mask.”

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