In a place where the day life is equally as poppin’ as the nightlife, you’ll likely find yourself in need of a break from the sensory overload. Good news: There’s plenty of “après adrenaline” relaxation spas. According to the SpaFinder Wellness 2016 trends report, this seemingly paradoxical therapy is “addictive because adrenaline rushes followed by Zen relaxation uniquely reset and quiet the brain, and result in the most blissed-out form of relaxation.”


The creativity–wellness spa connection is making a comeback, with more art, dance, music and literature (all of which can be enjoyed as a spectator or a participant) at the center of the experience. For a euphoric and mind-clearing start to the day, try a yoga class with the dolphins at The Mirage dolphin habitat. Or if you’re battling a cold or another respiratory issue, spending 45 minutes in the Himalayan Salt Cave at The Linq should help clear it right up. Check them out below! 

This feature originally appeared in the April 2017 Issue of ESSENCE Magazine.



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