Why Cream Foundations Should Be Your Makeup BFF

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Erin Lukas Sep, 20, 2017

This article originally appeared on Instyle

Don’t call it a comeback. Although stick foundations experienced a resurgence last summer when many of our favorite makeup brands gave their solid formulas a makeover, fast forward a year later and there’s still a handful of good reasons why the product deserves a permanent place in your makeup bag.

On top of being spill-free and TSA-friendly, stick foundations cater to the lazy set. (No judgment.) You can shortcut your routine by applying these creamy formulas by striping it on your T-zone, underneath your eyes, and your chin, followed by blending it outward with your fingers, and use it in lieu of a concealer.

Even better: On those mornings when you hit snooze more times than you want to admit, you can apply it on-the-go sans makeup tools.

Ready to make the switch to stick foundation and never look back? We’ve rounded up the best solid foundation sticks to try now. 

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We don't know what's more impressive: the staying power of Lancôme's stick foundation (up to 24 hours!), or that it comes in a range of 20 diverse shades.

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Not only is traveling with your beauty products hard (thanks TSA), flying also does a number on your skin. That's where Wander Beauty's foundation stick comes in. The brand's products are all made with frequent-fliers in mind. In addition to getting through security every time, Wander's foundation formula is also packed with hydrating ingredients such as coconut oil, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins C and E to counteract dry plane cabin air.

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This foundation was made with selfie addicts in mind. The formula was designed to look natural under any lighting. Although it doesn't wear cake-y, the foundation does go on thick so a little bit will go a long way.

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The beauty of Anastasia's full-coverage stick foundation is that you can use it all over to even out your complexion, or as a touch-up tool by applying a dab or two to any problem areas. Again, this formula goes on thick so keep that in mind when you're swiping it on.

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Leave it to Tom Ford to make foundation sticks luxe. The creamy formula veils skin with a lightweight, matte finish that won't dry out skin.

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A foundation that glides on smooth, hugs skin, and has a matte finish might sound like a dream, but Nars's new stick is the real deal. Once applied, it feels weightless, and the handy built-in sponge on its end makes it even easier to blend the product in or touch-up any spots as needed.

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If your skin is so oily that you look like a glazed doughnut rather than radiant by mid-day, use this shine-controlling foundation stick. Its core helps keep the foundation in place and most importantly, matte.

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Hourglass's foundation stick was made for the minimalists in us all. The 2-in-1 concealer-foundation hybrid offers buildable coverage that erases dark spots, blemishes, and fine lines. What makes it unique is that the formula adjusts to your body temperature so that it actually goes on seamless.