Why Cream Foundations Should Be Your Makeup BFF
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This article originally appeared on Instyle

Don’t call it a comeback. Although stick foundations experienced a resurgence last summer when many of our favorite makeup brands gave their solid formulas a makeover, fast forward a year later and there’s still a handful of good reasons why the product deserves a permanent place in your makeup bag.

On top of being spill-free and TSA-friendly, stick foundations cater to the lazy set. (No judgment.) You can shortcut your routine by applying these creamy formulas by striping it on your T-zone, underneath your eyes, and your chin, followed by blending it outward with your fingers, and use it in lieu of a concealer.

Even better: On those mornings when you hit snooze more times than you want to admit, you can apply it on-the-go sans makeup tools.

Ready to make the switch to stick foundation and never look back? We’ve rounded up the best solid foundation sticks to try now. 


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