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This Drugstore Nail Polish Sells Every Two Minutes

It’s not the summer color you’re thinking of.  
This Drugstore Nail Polish Sells Every Two Minutes

This article originally appeared on RealSimple.

Thought the nail color of the season would be bright neon pink or blue? Think again. Drum roll please… the most frequently purchased nail color is indeed a shade of rose gold.

Specifically, Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel in “Terra Coppa” is the shade that’s taking the U.S. by storm—according to the company, they sell a bottle every two minutes. If you do the math, that comes out to a whopping 262,800 bottles sold in a year.

The past year, rose gold has been filling up our closets, makeup routines, and bedrooms. You name it—it’ll come in rose gold, so it’s not entirely shocking that the shimmery nude-pink is the most coveted nail color of the moment.

There’s a reason there’s no stopping rose gold from taking over our entire lives.

After all, what other color can act as a neutral and be a little playful? It’s warm and complements just about any skin tone. It’s so popular that it even competes with Queen Elizabeth’s favorite shade: Essie’s Ballet Slippers, which sells 30 bottles an hour.

In case you don’t already own rose gold polish, here are some options to add to your beauty cabinet right away:

To buy: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Terra Coppa, $8; walmart.com.

To buy: Essie Nail Polish in Penny Talk, $9; target.com.

To buy: RMS Beauty Nail Polish in Magnetic, $15; netaporter.com.

To buy: Essie Nail Polish in Ballet Slippers, $9; walmart.com.