Most of us think about summer as the time for all things bright-hued and airy—even down to our nails. But when it comes to beauty the only rule to follow is that there are no rules. That doesn’t mean guidance is off the table, though. So this summer, we asked Adama Sesay, astrologist and founder of Lilith Astrology what nail colors we could all explore this season based on our zodiac signs.

“Certain colors and hues can bring out the best energy of your sign,” Sesay tells ESSENCE. “You may also lean towards these colors based on your sun sign but you can also apply this to your Venus sign. Venus in your birth chart represents what you find aesthetically appealing or beautiful. It is the planet ruling beauty and right now it’s in Gemini.”

Check out her nail hue recommendations for your sign below and the Black-owned nail polish brands where you can shop them.

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