The Best Mattifying Foundations

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Promising 24-hour wear, this creamy foundation uses two different types of silicones to bind the formula together on your skin for a smooth finish that won’t budge. It also includes mattifying powder for a powder fresh finish that helps absorb oil and shine.

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As the name implies, this formula is made with clay to help soak up oil and leave a smooth, matte finish. It’s also made with good-for-your-skin ingredients like vitamin A and E that help fight against free radicals that cause aging. Plus, it comes in a whopping 25 shades!

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If shine is what you’re worried about, try a powder like this one. The mineral formula is talc and fragrance free, making it perfect for sensitive skin types. Buff it in with the built-in brush for a smooth finish that’s not cakey.

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This heavy-duty powder gets the job done fast. The full coverage formula looks best when blended onto dry skin with a fluffy powder brush—it helps press the formula in to make it last longer. The oil-free formula also uses a special polymer that absorbs excess sebum and fights shine.

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Oil- and silicone-free, this full-coverage foundation glides over pores and other imperfections to create the perfect canvas—you might not even have to use concealer. It contains little spheres filled with powder, so it glides on like a liquid foundation with the soft, matte finish of a compact powder.

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Made to withstand heat, humidity, and nonstop activity, this foundation is engineered to last up to 24 hours without melting or changing colors. It’s also fragrance-free, so it won’t cause irritation. And with 38 shades to choose from, you can almost be certain they’ll have your color match.

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