The Best Hair Oil To Use For Every Hair Situation
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This article originally appeared on InStyle.

It’s easy to believe that using a hair oil might be counterintuitive when trying to solve your hair struggles. Adding more moisture to already greasy, dull strands probably sounds like more trouble than an improvement to the current state of your hair.

However, an oil that’s packed with the right blend of nourishing ingredients can be equally as effective in remedying your current hair situation as a weekly or bi-weekly mask.

The difference: with oils you’ve got more options on how to use them. Pretreat hair before shampooing, coat damp hair post-shower, or use one on dry hair for a touch up between washes, are a few ways to reap the benefits of their ingredients.

Since every hair issue isn’t one-oil-fits-all, we’ve paired the best oils to use for every hair type and concern. Keep scrolling to find out which hair oil you should use on your strands.