This artcie originally appeared on InStyle.

As we age, our skin’s needs change. The acne-fighting cleanser you swore by in your 20’s probably is of no use to you in your 50’s. Just like how we alter what products we use in our skincare routines, the same goes for our makeup, too.

“Mature skin has many dynamics ranging from creasing, dryness, discoloration, pigmentations (i.e. sun damage) sensitivity, dullness, and lack of vibrancy and healthy tones,” says New York-based makeup and hair artist Lindsey Williams. “It’s a lot to consider, but it takes patience and many tries with various formulas and brands to find what suits your needs best.”

When it comes to finding the right foundation for mature skin, Williams suggests silicone-based formulas because “they can help with diffusing the appearance of various textures and help in longevity through the day.” A good skincare routine will also aid in combating common skin issues that mature complexions struggle with.

“Silicones and hydrating moisturizing properties like CC Creams are mature skin’s best friend giving a diffused blur to large pores and softening the appearance of creases,” she explains. “Look for foundations with glow and light reflecting particles to them to add back what mature skin lacks.”

Here, we’ve rounded up our favorite foundation formulas for mature skin.


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