9 Gel And Cream Blushes That Actually Look Great On Deeper Skin Tones
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Blush is a pretty polarizing beauty product. In one camp are those who swear by it, and in the other are those who still don’t know what the heck blush is supposed to do; for the record it instantly brightens and warms up the face. And while we’ve been longtime blush wearers here are ESSENCE, our latest obsession are those of the gel and cream variety. Not only do the formulas tend to offer richer pigments and lots of colors to choose from, but they’re also really blendable.

Celebrity makeup artist Amber Amos agrees. “Gel and liquid blushes are great on deeper skin tones because they can help fake a healthy glowing complexion.

“I personally like to apply gel or cream blushes with my fingers, and if extra blending is necessary a moist beauty blender will do the trick,” she says. And when it comes to choosing a color it’s important to remember that bold colors are your friend.

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“Oranges, plums, reds, sound scary, but trust me they look great on my deeper skin beauties! Also avoid highlighting blushes with silvers in it, is the easiest way to stay classy and not ashy,” Amber reminds. We’ve gathered the best gel and cream blushes currently on the market that are guaranteed to fit every budget, beauty requirement (including vegan and non-toxic), and skin tone.


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