10 Things Every Woman Goes Through At The Beauty Supply Store

The beauty supply store is a wonderful, glorious place full of all of our beauty needs. Whether you need bundles, some raw shea butter or even some earrings, there's always something new to discover and experience. Here are 10 things you probably think, feel or see while perusing the aisles. 

Samantha Callender Apr, 28, 2017

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For some of us, gentrification is pushing out the local beauty supply owners and putting the larger chain brands in their place, making it difficult to find a dependable one. And when you do find a ‘good’ one, it’s often nowhere near your house and requires you making a long trip. Oh, the struggle!

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Nothing is more frustrating than trying to pay for a random $3 beauty item with a credit card, only to realize the minimum is $5. That’s when you throw in random (cheap) things, like eyebrow razors and lip gloss, so you can swipe. 

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These designers have lost their minds charging thousands of dollars for a pair of slippers you know good and well cost $5 at the beauty supply. Not only are they late on the trend, but they’re also pretty disrespectful for that up-charge. It’s cool though; the beauty supply will keep you on “trend” for the low.

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Sometimes, the sign says “NO PHOTOS,” but do they really believe you’re going to go in and try on a bunch of wigs and NOT take pictures to send to your friends? Or that you’re NOT going to take pictures of different hair, then go home and do research before making a commitment? How else would you know which one to get?

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For some styles, you may only need one pack of hair and for others you may need 2 or 3. Sometimes, how much hair you need also depends on the brand, thickness of the wefts and so much more. Since the beauty supply store usually has a strict ‘no returns’ policy, you don’t want to buy more than you need, but at the same time you don’t want to make the trip back for more. 

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Sometimes, it seems like they’re just typing numbers into computer. Did she even look at the price tag? They can’t possibly remember the price of every item in the store.  Are they charging you whatever they feel like? No, no, no. That’s when you have to do a quick sweep and compare the prices you were charged to what the sticker or sign says.

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This especially sucks when you’re running last minute errands, leaving work late or rushing for a hair appointment on the same day. Nooooooo!

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We get that they’re trying to prevent theft and all, but having to ask employees to unlock seemingly basic things like edge control, faux buns and hot combs is pretty annoying; especially when you're ready to check out. 

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Hair color is tricky. Whether you’re not sure which box dye color will be exactly what you’re looking for, or which color number extension you’re going to need, trying to find the perfect hue can be a real struggle. We’ve all spent plenty of time in the aisle going back and forth about which onewould be perfect.

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Despite the many struggles, it's still exciting to discover new products that actually work. Don’t sleep on the eyeshadow palettes, lip sticks and false lashes available in the aisles. They’re also available at a more affordable price, compared to those found at the department store.