13 Beauty Questions Guys Always Ask Me on Snapchat
verity jane smith/Blend Images

Three years ago I became the beauty authority among my friends for all things skincare, makeup and hair. Surprisingly, advice isn’t reserved for my lady pals, my guy friends ask questions too. And, while my DM’s may not be poppin with propositions from male suitors, it’s definitely hyperactive with inquires from guys who opt to snap me their concerns about wrinkles, razor bumps and so much more. 

Here are just a few of the questions that fellas are dying to know:


1. “How do I shrink my pores when it’s humid outside? Cold showers just aren’t doing it.”

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2. “Can you wash your face too much?”

3. “I know this is weird, but my chest is lighter than my face (sends selfie flashing chest) how do I fix it?”

  • 4. “I have a wrinkle on my forehead, how do I get rid of it?”
  • 5. “What’s a pre-poo? Can men do it too?”
  • 6. “My cologne never lasts. Where should I spray it?”

  • 7. “Can men use Bioré strips too?”
  • 8. “What good for mitigating razor bumps?”
  • 9. “What are some skincare lines for men of color?”
  • 10. “Can you recommend any skincare products that are paraben and bad-scary-cancer-causing-chemical free?”
  • 11.”My girlfriend is always using masks, should guys do that, too?
  • 12. “When or how often should I use a cleanser, mask, scrub, basic soap …are those even the right products to use?”
  • 13. “With oily skin, what buzz words should you look for when purchasing face lotion?”

  • If you’re surprised that men know what a pore is, join the club! Turns out, men care about skincare just as much as we do. I think they use Snapchat because it never leaves a trail (their questions are gone the second after I read them). And I get it — they want to be super private about their pursuit to find their beauty bliss. So, if your homeboy or your brother has burning beauty questions, tell them they can find me on the snaps. It’ll be our little secret!