MUST WATCH: This Video Shows The Wonders Of Color Corrector
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If you’re skipping color corrector in your makeup routine, you might be doing your overall look a huge disservice. While many Black women have hyperpigmentation and often scar from acne, foundation (even when it’s full coverage) doesn’t always do the trick in covering those up. But applying the right corrector before your concealer can make all the difference in getting that flawless finish on your face.

“I would recommend a color corrector to help with confidence when we experience dark spots from acne,” said New York–based professional and celebrity makeup artist Camara AUnique. “Of course it’s great to find skin care that can help your skin heal and look its best, but when we’re out wearing makeup we want to feel good. Color correctors can help boost that confidence we need.”

In this video posted on Melanin Makeup Daily, an Instagram account that I visit several times throughout the week for makeup inspiration, we see clearly what a good corrector can do. The young lady is transformed when her acne and hyperpigmentation are covered up with a salmon-colored corrector before Nigerian-based makeup artist Omishope Mariam Abiola applies foundation. I had to double-tap.

I have acne scars and dark under eye circles, and for a long time I didn’t realize there was a better way to cover them up than just applying extra layers of concealer to those spots. Spoiler: That doesn’t work; it just makes your makeup cakey. When a makeup artist opened my eyes to the wonders of corrector, I never looked back.

Many Black women will find themselves somewhere between a purple, salmon, red or orange color corrector. It depends on your skin tone and your undertones. It also depends on whether you’re trying to brighten, cover up redness or cover up dark marks. Correctors typically also come in green, yellow and peach hues too.

Check out some of the color correctors we recommend.


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