10 Under $10 Hair and Beauty Essentials You Need Right Now

Nothing brings us more joy than a beauty bargain, especially when it costs less than lunch. There are a select few items we should all have in our arsenal and thankfully, you don't need to break bank for them. Save room on your shopping list for these under $10 hair, skin and makeup must-haves. 

Nikki Brown Jul, 20, 2017

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The only thing better than a detangler is one infused with coconut oil and keratin protein for added moisture to your strands. 

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This pointed Q-tips aren't just for removing dirt from the ears. You can also use it to apply a spot treatment, remove a makeup smudge or even apply shadow to the eyelids. 

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This rich matte finishes are also infused with jojoba oil to ward off flakes once the formula has dried. 

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This newly launched formula from the classic brand is specially formulated to release freshness for up to 12 hours. Also, who doesn't need a bottle of body wash in their bathroom?! 

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You don't have to bake on the beach for a summer glow. Instead, steer clear of the harmful rays and soak your skin in this creamy formula. 

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No matter your curl pattern, flexirods are a surefire way to add definition to wet or dry strands. 

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This water-based sheet mask with Hyaluronic Acid deeply re-hydrates skin in just 15 minutes for an intensive weekly treatment. 

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Makeup wipes are great and all, but this water-based remover is gentle enough for every part of the face, including those corners of the eyes where liner and mascara smudge. 

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With a crayon on one side and liquid formula on the other, you can craft a bevy of diverse liner looks with just one pen. 

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Sun protection is a year-round must, but especially this time of year. No excuses! 

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