Professional Tips For Making Your Pandemic Wedding Makeup Last
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Pandemic or not, wedding season is still upon us. And a few brave brides are willing to see their day through (including yours truly), even if that means making modifications to COVID-proof the event.

Even still, a bride wants to look and feel beautiful on her special day. That’s a modification no bride should have to make. But for many, masks are a must and for the most part, they aren’t makeup friendly.

So I tapped my wedding day savior, celebrity makeup artist (Queen Naija, Yandy Smith-Harris, Amara La Negra) 16-year industry veteran and bride whisperer Tokyo Soto for some tips on how to make makeup last through the entire event. She shared a few of her simple go-to transfer proof, long wearing techniques and products that she uses on her brides and television stars.

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“For me, the bride’s skin is always the focus of her make up. I like to create the illusion that she’s naturally flawless,” she explains. “In order to achieve that, prepping and priming the skin, as well as the right foundation choice, are a top priority.”

Tip 1: Don’t skip steps in the skin care routine. Have the bride come with a fresh cleansed face ready for toner and moisturizer, (eye cream and additional SPF are optional). For clients with really oily skin, dust translucent powder all over their face or on problem areas. Apply a quality primer and proceed with makeup.

Tip 2: Pick your foundation based on the needs of the look you’re going for. “I like to use airbrush because the majority of the formulas are silicone-based, which means it’ll stay on all day, works as a filler for fine lines and is water proof, so if you sweat or shed a few tears of joy you won’t ruin your makeup,” Tokyo suggests. “However, if I want to give my client a good contour and highlight, regular foundation is a better choice.”

Tip 3: Be selective and creative with your finishing spray. Tokyo has a foolproof hack for a dewy finish that will last all day. “I like to apply foundation with a small flat Kabuki brush. I spray finishing spray onto the brush, then saturate the brush with foundation and then add a little more of finishing spray. Then I apply and blend into the skin quickly because once the spray dries it’s hard to blend and move,” she says. Seal with another spritz of finishing spray to lock it in for all-day wear.

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