This Unconventional Shapewear Saved My Discount Wedding Dress

When I first heard about Nue, the shapewear adorably referred to as a boob job in a box, I assumed it wasn’t for me. Even after founder Stephanie Montes demonstrated how the miracle tape holds her breasts up seamlessly even in a bathing suit, I still wasn’t convinced. Compared with her abundant bosom, my modest 34B girls look like true bee stings.

It wasn’t until I bought a $100 wedding dress from a random site that I really found out the wonders of the unconventional shapewear. 

After a serious round of tailoring, my wedding dress still lacked the structure that I wanted in the bodice. Unsure of what to do and where else she could take it in without compromising the integrity of corset in the back, my tailor simply told me in Spanish that I’m just too damn skinny.

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Since gaining weight wasn’t an option I had to get innovative. That’s where Nue came in. Not only did it give my breasts some incredible lift, I also used it on the inside of the dress to force the soft satin fabric to stay put in certain places.

Where bespoke dresses would have rigid wires boned-in, I avoided those restricting details. The best part is how easy Nue was to apply and to wear, proving that you don’t always have to sacrifice comfort for beauty.

Some might think that I could have just used duct tape. But the amount needed would have been a struggle to remove from my wedding dress at the end of the night without doing damage. And aside from the fact that Nue breast tape is soft (so it peels off with ease), it’s made to smooth out and shape—regular tape is not and would also have left sticky residue on the fabric.

My reception outfit included an off-the-shoulder crop top, and the Nue tape helped keep me confidently go braless underneath there too.

There’s nothing like celebrating something as important and special as your wedding, especially under the stress of a pandemic, and having some assurance in what you’re wearing. The peace of mind that comes along with not fussing with your clothes all day, and therefore being able to focus on what really matters, is priceless.

Shalwah Evans is an associate beauty editor at ESSENCE.


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