These 14 Beauty Products Will Take Your #SelfCare Game To The Next Level 

Samantha Callender Feb, 06, 2018

Self-care is just as big in 2018 as it was in 2017. And with good reason! Taking time to care for your body, physically and mentally, allows for your to refresh, recharge, and rejuvenate. While many folks opt to indulge in self-care activities on Sundays, we think self-care should (and can) take place any day. Turning something as mundane as taking a shower into a luxury experience is the true definition of self-care.

We’ve compiled a list of the best soaks, scrubs, and masks to help you optimize your #SelfCare routine. 

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Use this balm-in-a-bar to remove makeup and dirt from the day! It gently cleanses while making sure it leaves no residue behind.

available at Ethique Beauty $18.24 Buy

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This acid-based scrub loosens and dissolves dead skin cells to reveal glowing and fresh skin beneath.

available at Dear By Renee $49.95 Buy

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This handmade butter uses natural ingredients to deliver intense moisture and nourishment to the skin.

available at Be Goode Handmade $10 Buy

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Matcha is not only good to drink but also soak. It purifies the skin and leaves it feeling supple.

available at Fig and Yarrow $22 Buy

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This abrasive scrub works hard yet is gentle on the skin- all the while smelling like a minty cup of coffee.

available at World Market $9.99 Buy

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These fun and fresh exfoliating cubes make achieving smooth skin easy and fun.

available at Harperari $24 Buy

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With a nostalgic name (peep the Poetic Justice reference), this handmade butter will leave your melanin glowing just like Janet’s.

available at Jade Fox $26 Buy

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This body oil is packed full of various kinds of hydrating and nourishing oils, including almond and jojoba to name a few.

available at Kindred Skincare $95 Buy

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Use the magnetic power of charcoal to draw impurities from the skin to help it detoxify.

available at One Love Organics $49 Buy

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This creative fun bath soak's nourishing ingredients seep deep into your bath water and skin just like a tea. You leave feeling hydrated and soft.

available at Lili Aromatherapy $19.99 Buy

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Hydrating and soft, this moisturizer delivers intense hydration to the skin, leaving it supple and smooth.

available at Sephora $48 Buy

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Scrub away full and dry skin with this calming scrub that buffs and polishes.

available at Thesis Beauty $22.95 Buy

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Awaken your senses with this dose of aromatic herbs that cleanse the skin and leave it feeling fresh and moisturized.

available at Lucky Vitamin $22 Buy

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Get your glow on even in the winter with this skin brightening cleanser that digs deep into pores to pull out your inner glow.

available at Net-a-Porter $42 Buy


# Beauty


# Beauty