10 Products And Tools To Help You Fight Acne This Summer
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June is Acne Awareness Month, but we all know that pimples are not discerning about what time of the year they pop up. Just because we’ve entered July doesn’t mean we’re free of breakouts. As the weather gets steamier and stickier across the country, we brace ourselves for excess oil, excess dirt and environmental pollutants that all cause acne. Add in wearing face masks several hours a day and we’ve got the perfect combination for a pizza (face) party.

But even with all those factors, we can keep skin clear and healthy. It’s all about what’s in your skin care arsenal. And while summer months might call for different products than the rest of the year, there are must-haves that help keep breakouts at bay year-round.

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Check out ten products and tools that will help you fight acne and maintain that glow through this season and beyond.


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