9 Pretty Pampering Products You Need When Classes Get Stressful

Sometimes, it's the small things that take your day from bad to amazing. Spoil yourself with any of these beauty gems when you're in desperate need of some stress relief.  

Nikki Brown Sep, 01, 2017

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The calming scent of lavender is renowned for its abilities to improve sleep and alleviate headaches, making it the perfect smell for your late night shower. 

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When you're feeling congested, this eye mask provides the ultimate relief, as it's infused with flax seed and other relaxing aromas. Store in the freezer or heat up in the microwave, depending on your mood. 

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The eucalyptus, peppermint, cinnamon leaf oil and mint jelly in this jelly is the ultimate treat for tired and overworked muscles. 

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After a day of running around in uncomfortable shoes, the self-activated gel lining in these spa socks will bring your toes and heels back to life. 

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Sometimes, a scented candle is all you need to zen out. 

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This luxe, millennial pink indulgence is made with real 24K gold flakes, aloe leaf and cucumber extract, all of which work together to coat the skin in a shimmery, luxuriating finish. 

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Scrub away the day when you use this coconut oil-infused exfoliator in the shower. 

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Quiet an overactive mind and prepare your body for sleep by taking a few whiffs of this calming (eco-friendly) fragrance.

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They look good enough to eat (please don't!), but one of these cubes is enough to exfoliate your entire body.

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