Omarion Uses This Affordable Product To Keep His Skin Glowing
Getty Images

Omarion might have been crowned the king of unbothered for his forever cool demeanor. But it’s his blemish-free skin that cannot lose, and we just want a touch. I guess at the end of the day not sweating the small stuff will leave your skin flawless and glowing. And of course, there’s always his skincare go-tos. 

“We’re drinking our water. We got the rose water spray for the drip. So the skin is nice,” Omarion told ESSENCE.

And he’ll want to keep that spray handy during his travels, as he’s about to embark on a second Millennium tour with an all new lineup.

We knew there was more in the glow arsenal than just swag. Check out some of our rose water spray picks to keep your skin bump, bump, bump free and unbothered like O’s.