9 New And Classic Scents To Rock His Father’s Day
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Now that Memorial Day is in the rearview mirror, it’s time to start thinking about how to honor the dads in our lives. A new summer fragrance is a great and thoughtful gift that also has function.

“For summer, people often gravitate toward freshness,” says Givaudan Perfumer, Guillaume Flavigny. “I think we daydream more about being outside and swimming in the sea or spending time in the ocean, having a refreshing moment to break from the heat even if that means showering several times a day. For me, salty, mineral and watery notes are interesting for summer compared to some of the sweet, sticky perfumes.”

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Flavigny also expects the pandemic to affect how we pick our scents this summer.

“I expect we’ll see a resurgence of musks and ambers enveloping fragrance in a clean and peaceful way,” he says. “They give a cocooning, safe feeling of reassurance that we need during this uncertain time.”

Give dad these tips to teach him how to make that new summer fragrance really sing:

  • Store your cologne in a cool dark location. This will make it stay true to the scent you know and love longer, and will last longer on your skin when you wear it.
  • Don’t rub your fragrance when you put it on; let it air dry. Rubbing can cause the top impression (note) to dissipate faster and can change the character of the fragrance.
  • You can place fragrance anywhere, but the best place is where there is some heat: on your wrists, behind your ears.  This will allow for maximum diffusion and trail.

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