Janet Mock’s Glowy Beauty Routine is the Perfect Mix of Drugstore and High-End Products
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Janet Mock is very busy! Between being a New York Times bestselling author (her latest book Surpassing Certainty is already a #classic), rebuking Internet trolls and casually chatting with the likes of Mama Tina and Maxine Waters on her podcast Never Before, the Hawaiian native has a lot on her plate. So it should come as no surprise that when it comes to her beauty routine, she likes to keep things very simple — opting for products she can quickly pick-up at the drugstore between appearances. “I just love to glow, glow glow so with my skincare and makeup routine I gravitate to products that help me achieve that sun-kissed dewy look,” says Janet. Keep reading to learn how she gets the glowy flawless look we all love.   Skin Care First, Always  “I’m always trying new products and fretting over my skin and trying to achieve bright clear skin that shines—whether I am wearing makeup or not that day. In the morning I splash my face with warm water and follow by applying  Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Clarity-Activating Toner or Mario Badescu’s Glycolic Acid Toner to a large cotton pad and lightly swiping it across my face. I let that settle in for a few seconds before splashing my face with ice cold water to seal my pores. Next up is eye cream, moisturizer and of course an SPF (even when it’s not sunny outside). Throughout the day, I like to spritz my face with a rose-water for extra moisture. In the evening I use a cleansing oil, coconut oil also works, to remove makeup. I use a gentle cleanser and warm water to get wash my face. La Mer’s The Concentrate is a splurge, but I swear by it as part of my PM skin care routine. If I need it, I’ll sometimes do a spot treatment like Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion on any breakouts I might have. If I am having a really bad, blotchy, blemish-filled skin day (I’ve been traveling a lot, so it happens), I’ll apply a charcoal deep pore cleansing mask to my face —Bobbi Brown’s Instant Detox Mask or No.3 Balancing Facial Mask are both really, really great!” Makeup should be fun, and highlight your features   “For a night out on the town I must be glowing to the max, period. I’m an island girl, so I love super bronzy skin! A little bronzer, like CoverGirl’s Natural Bronzer from the Queen Collection, or a gold-toned highlighter dusted on the arms, legs and décolletage are a must. I’m also a big fan of mixing makeup to achieve the perfect look/colors. Whether it’s mascara (I like to mix two heavy coats of dark brown mascara with a lighter coat of black) or the ultimate brown girl friendly cheek glow (I blend a bright orange and a bright pink blush together) I think you should always play and have fun with makeup.” Drugstore beauty is really underrated “Don’t sleep on the drugstore, they’ve got some really great products that are super affordable. Maybelline Great Lash Big Mascara is a classic and always in my makeup bag, Black Radiance Soft Focus Powder is great for a flawless finish, Black Opal’s True Color Stick Foundation not only has SPF but also offers a wide-range of shades for ladies with a deeper complexion, and NYX Micro Brow Pencil is my go-to for taming wild brows. And toilet seat covers… “I have pretty oily skin, especially in my T-Zone, so when I’m out to dinner or at a bar I’ll sneak away to the restroom and use the toilet seat covers as blotting paper to get rid of any excess oil.” Keep reading for Janet’s must-have desert island favorites!