My obsession with trying the TEMPTU airbrush machine started pretty early in my beauty junkie journey. In an attempt to achieve the flawless beat I had been trying a variety of foundations types. I did everything from powders and liquids to mousses and creams. And after seeing a reality star getting her face done with an airbrush machine, I decided that it was exactly what I had been looking for.

The smoothness of her finish was unmatched, and I wanted it. So when I got the chance to not only try out the TEMPTU airbrush machine for myself, but to get a tutorial from expert makeup artist Fred Sanders, I jumped at the opportunity. I was quickly reminded that makeup artists make their jobs look easy because they’ve been doing them for a long time. And my foundation laying skills were put to the ultimate test.

“You know how you get these pictures of people on a flyer or something before a shoot and then you get there and you’re like, ‘That ain’t the same person!’” said Sanders. “When people are doing magazine work and they’re using airbrush [makeup] now they see that part before they get to the magazine and it’s like wow. With this airbrush you can look like the person that’s going to be on the picture and I love that idea.”

We all want to look like the touched-up photo in the flesh. But for the average person airbrush foundation is intimidating for good reason. When you get it wrong, it’s oh so wrong. The TEMPTU Air Intro Airbrush Kit is a great machine for an airbrush novice like myself who just wants a flawless face daily, but isn’t going to be photographed for a major campaign or anything. The kit comes with a handheld airbrush compressor and its components, and air pods for foundation, bronzer, blush, and highlighter.

Fred Sanders and I posing for the camera after collectively airbrushing my face

The website will tell you that the recommended speed is a level three. However, when you’re new to this you will be afraid to go there. The air on your face will feel foreign at first, and you’ll be inclined to close your eyes to guard them against it—which is clearly a bad idea since you need to see what you’re doing. I got over the odd feeling quickly enough to do my entire face.

The trick is to go in a small circular pattern while keeping the compressor at a healthy two-inch distance from the target. The good news is if you keep it in one place too long and the foundation pools, you can smooth it out with a blender sponge or brush. Just make sure to do it quickly because once it dries, it’s dry.

The foundation allows your skin to still look like skin, even though it looks like completely blemish free skin. Sanders showed me a couple of neat tricks with the machine including how to go in a light C-motion for highlighter, how to fill in brows with stencils, and how to fill in my hair line (this is of utmost importance for those of us with thinning edges). And using the compressor on my own I learned a few things too.

Eight hours after airbrushing my makeup

Here are my tips for anyone looking to use this machine successfully:

  • Start at a level one on your first few applications. As you become more comfortable with the tool, work your way up the speed chain.
  • You will make lots of mistakes in the beginning so keep a damp cloth handy as well as a flat brush for quick blending.
  • If you’re going to use color corrector (which there is a pod for) before foundation , be sure to blend it with a brush too. Apply once and layer foundation twice for full coverage.
  • If you use your fingers instead of a brush or blender to correct any excess, tap lightly and make sure your fingers are completely dry so you don’t streak it.
  • Don’t forget when you remove your pods to close them by putting the pin back in. Your makeup will dry up in the pod if you don’t.
TEMPTU Air, $195,

Altogether the TEMPTU Airbrush kit is great for a flawless face, especially if you’re going to be on camera in any capacity. It will last all day with no reapplication needed and gives whatever coverage you desire. And like with anything, the more you use it the better you’ll get at it.

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