17 Galentine's Day Etsy Gifts Your Bestie Will Actually Use

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No, we didn't misspell 'Valentine's Day.'

Nikki Brown Jan, 31, 2017

Most of us reserve Valentine’s Day for romance, but February 13 is when the real fun begins. Galentine’s Day, the faux-turned-actual holiday conceived by Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) on Parks & Recreation, is an opportunity for women to celebrate each other and we’re officially here for it! 

Whether you’re sisters, besties, co-workers or otherwise, there’s no better time than the day before Valentine’s Day to assemble your tribe, especially if someone is nursing a bad breakup or fed up with relationships in general.

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While material possessions aren’t what define our bonds, let’s be real: we’ll never turn down a thoughtful gift. And if you’re a sucker for pretty packaging, Etsy is the best place to discover beauty trinkets that your bestie will actually put on display and use. There’s nothing worse than watching a gift gather dust.  

And if you aren’t already showing appreciation for your girlfriends, let this serve as a friendly reminder. Sometimes, we’re all we’ve got–right ladies? 

Shop our hand-picked favorites below! 


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Need we say more?

available at Etsy $32 Buy Here

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Have your tea and soak in it, too! These fragrant flowers are scented with essential oils that you can smell and feel after a long day at work. How luxurious!

available at Etsy $8 Buy Here

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This is the best way to 'wing it' with your gift selection. And it's the perfect Instagrammable find! 

available at Etsy $15 Buy Here

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We love the old school glass packaging of this skin care saver. It'll look perfect on her bathroom sink!  Rose water is a bomb moisturizer that can do everything, from sprucing up your bath to gently removing makeup. 

available at Etsy $9 Buy Here

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Peshtemal is a traditional Turkish towel used back in the day that absorbs water as fast as your regular towel, but dries ten times quicker. The perfect lightweight option for travelers and gym junkies! 

available at Etsy $25 Buy Here

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We're living in crazy times, so this self care kit is a must! If you know someone who needs to zen out, this all natural package comes with a handcrafted soap and deck, Himalayan salt crystal, essential oil soy wax candle and mini smude bundle. 

available at Etsy $60 Buy Here

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I have a feeling I'm not the only person who hoards lip balms around the house. She'll love the clean packaging of this set and store them in random places for on-the-go use. 

available at Etsy $33 Buy Here

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We love it when beauty products are delivered in quaint glass jars! Toner is the perfect skincare addition for those who suffer from oily skin or simply want to close their pores after cleansing. 

available at Etsy $11 Buy Here

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How cute are these! Your friend won't stop using these eco-friendly set of poppy soap, body scrub and lotion when she needs a night of self care. 

available at Etsy $50 Buy Here

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Present this kitchy cleanser with a decorative soap dish and she'll thank you everytime she gets rid of a pimple! Activated charcoal is an ingredient with muscle because it can absorb toxins that quadruple its actual weight. Get. Into. This. 

available at Etsy $7 Buy Here

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You can never go wrong with bath bombs (and fragrant flowers to up the presentation)! This specific shop has other sweet options, depending on your preference. 

available at Etsy $5 Buy Here

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Chrome finish is the dominating nail trend for 2017, so we guarantee she'll rock these proudly. 

available at Etsy $8 Buy Here

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What woman wouldn't appreciate a moisturizing leave-in this time of year?! This vegan option is formulated with Ayurvedic herbs, cupuacu butter and neem oil. Perfect for all hair types and usable up to six months! 

available at Etsy $22 Buy Here

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Buy a set of these for her bedroom vanity and she'll never leave the house without a poppin' mani! 

available at Etsy $13 Buy Here

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Nothing feels better than a luxurious body oil in the dead of winter. Your Galentine won't stop raving about this one, made with more essential oils than we can count and coated with vanilla for added fragrance. 

available at Etsy $9 Buy Here

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The palm tree packaging is giving us serious wanderlust! Blush is a must when you want to warm up the face, so you might as well do it with a truly unique brand. 

available at Etsy $15 Buy Here

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There are a lot of matte lippies out there, but we guarantee you've never heard of this Etsy gem. 

available at Etsy $17 Buy Here