First Organic Collection Of Hair and Skin Products For Black and Brown Babies
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The beauty industry is not very inclusive especially to non-whites but thankful that’s about to change a bit. Later this year, the beauty market will have its first-ever certified organic collection of body products specifically created for children of color. Selma Idris, mother of two founded the company out of a need for her own son. 


“My first son, Adam, developed cradle cap, like so many babies do. I sourced everything available to me in shops and online but could not find products that would help heal his scalp without drying out his beautiful hair. After hearing the same from so many moms in my community, I knew it was time to fill the void.”

This cleverly-called collection has hair, scalp, and body cleansers conditioners, lotions, moisturizers, and even oils all created for babies of color. Previewed over a week ago with women writers, entrepreneurs, and product creators, the collection was unveiled by the Sudanese-American mother and New Yorker Idris. Idris wanted a line formulated for and about brown babies that used only organic, quality natural ingredients with transparent labeling. 

The collection will be available at the end of summer 2016 and if you want to learn more the new line, visit for more information. 

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